What does Apache Logistics do?

We are a contract transportation provider offering custom designed transportation which includes dedicated equipment, drivers, and management to a wide variety of industries.

How can Apache Logistics help your company?

We bring forward thinking solutions to complex problems such as driver retention, liability exposure, safety, equipment, management, information, fuel strategies, and route optimization to help you raise your customer service levels and decrease your costs. We bring a proven team of specialists to find every possible improvement to your operation.

What is the process of improving your transportation?
  • First our engineers meet and discuss your concerns and goals, followed by gathering relevant information about how your current transportation operates. We learn the details of your system and the driving forces behind your current structure.

  • Second, our team analyzes your system and applies our proven technologies and solutions to develop concepts for improvement. We work with you to develop plausible improvement strategies that apply to your real world delivery system.

  • Then, we write a proposal based on these real world concepts which combines your crucial service needs and cost goals with our decades of experience in improving transportation systems.

  • Next, we execute a time tested formula to install and start up your transportation system. This is where you will see our superior practices in action.

  • Finally and most importantly, is the daily execution of your transportation system. We have the management expertise and leadership to drive improvements into your system and the skill to retain the talent and resources needed to carry out your goals.

We would like the opportunity to help you achieve your transportation goals. Contact Us.

Driver Retention

Driver retention is a key component of your transportation and when handled poorly can compromise all other areas of your cost structure. Your equipment damages are higher, your administrative efforts are greater, and most importantly your customer service can deteriorate when there is driver turnover. Conversely, you also do not want to be the company that overpays your drivers in comparison to your competitors.

This balancing act is best served by having Apache Logistics, Inc. compare your current system to the marketplace. We analyze your current operation looking at areas such as job requirement restructuring, incentives, and training programs to determine the best method to improve driver retention.

We would be glad to benchmark your current driver compensation package and reveal how it compares to your competitors.

Apache Logistics management team has decades of experience hiring drivers and we understand what drivers are looking for when searching for a new employer. We have answers for you to ensure you are as efficient as possible.


The new Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) requirements from the U.S. government are designed to detect companies or carriers that are not complying with the vast amount of regulations needed to run fleets.

Safety is a core competency of Apache Logistics, Inc. Our leadership believes safety is one of the most important factors in the success of our company. To achieve this, we have built in institutional safety structures that guide our employees to make daily decisions that keep the fleet running safe.

We will create a detailed plan for you to comply with the new CSA rules. We handle all the requirements necessary to keep you in compliance with the Department of Transportation and keep your products moving down the road legally and responsibly.

We would like to opportunity to show you how we can make your transportation safer.


The process of choosing equipment offers many opportunities to decrease your costs. With the latest emission technology, most people have more questions than answers;

  • What are the improvements in miles per gallon when using the latest technology?

  • What is the best engine for your application?

  • Do the new engines last as long as the older versions?

  • Are auxiliary power units a good investment to minimized engine idling?

We understand these answers and will share our knowledge with you. We also analyze factors such as weight reduction designs, auxiliary power units, super single tires, and specific wind deflection products to find the best way to reduce your total transportation costs. Designing the correct equipment is one of the many valuable services we provide.

We would be happy to share our knowledge with you and bring our team of experts to help you maximize the efficiency of your fleet.

Management and Control

The core competency of any carrier must be to get your product from point A to point B on time every time. This is achieved through strong management capabilities. Simply put, this is what we do best!

Our philosophy is that we always PREPARE to succeed. We have extensive detailed plans to handle predictable and unpredictable circumstances that arise in the process of delivering your product. We utilize our experience to develop, prepare, and execute solutions, and then we aggressively communicate to our employees and to our customers.

At Apache Logistics, Inc. we take great pride in being prepared for our customers and we are proud of our methods.

Information and Analysis

Using data to inform strategic decision making is a process that we believe is mandatory to keep you ahead of your competition. We are leaders at Apache Logistics, Inc. at data tracking and providing strategic information tools to our customers. We collect data which is utilized to offer quick answers to important questions such as;

  • What is the target MPG per truck and how does each driver compare?

  • What is the benchmark amount of stops, miles, and deliveries each driver should accomplish?

  • Where do the drivers wait the most in your delivery system and why?

  • What is the length of time to load vehicles and how long are the drivers waiting?

We use information to establish short and long-term strategies that will decrease your costs, streamline your operation, and improve customer service.

We develop strategies that will improve miles per gallon and on time delivery.

We verify whether or not the routes are run in the most cost effective manner. We use our customized tools to help you provide your customers with more information, and demonstrate how effective your delivery system is for them.

The information tools we can provide to your organization are extensive and customized for your specific needs.

Fuel Strategies

Fuel deserves a significant amount of management focus considering it can be up to 40% of your total transportation costs. The most common question related to fuel is, "Are we buying at the best possible price?". To give you the best answers we ask more questions;

  • How far out of route are we going to fuel our trucks?

  • How do we know if the fuel price purchased was the best at that time and at that location?

  • How long are my drivers taking to fuel and is it good use of their time?

  • When is the best time to fuel?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered in order to achieve the best possible solution for what can be 40% of your costs.

We have proven answers to all of these fuel-related questions! We know how to be your transportation partner and work together to design solutions to maximize the fuel efficiency of your fleet.

Route Optimization

We offer tools that will optimize your routes to reduce miles and cost.

We combine our years of experience with routing software to determine the best way to route your fleet. We analyze your existing route structure and develop improvement strategies. Another option is that we handle the routing on your behalf.

It is not uncommon for us to reduce a company's miles by 5% using these tools combined with our experience. At Apache Logistics we would be glad to review your current routes and help you maximize them.