Apache Logistics

Creative Solutions • Exceptional Results

Apache Logistics, Inc. is a dedicated contract carrier founded with the idea that a much higher level of service is needed in the contract transportation industry. We believe that our customers deserve a strategic long-term partnership approach to their business. We strive to consistently bring integrity, leadership, new ideas, and a structured plan of improvement to our customers.

The foundation of our mission is a talented group of veteran transportation professionals that make up the backbone of Apache Logistics, Inc. We have a commitment to excellence in everything we do and we strive to make our customers more successful every day.

Mission Statement

We believe our services provide our customer's with constant improvement resources, people, and processes needed to efficiently move their products. To be successful, we believe we must execute creative and innovative solutions, and exceed our commitments to our customers.

We believe to achieve our goals we must operate with integrity, respect, and candor with our customers, employees and suppliers.

We believe if we work within a culture of cooperation and teamwork with our customers, employees and suppliers, we will provide the best possible solutions and the benefits will be long lasting, successful, and mutually beneficial.

We Believe that we must provide opportunities for all partners and employees to share their ideas, no matter their position or role in an organization. We believe great ideas, suggestions, and solutions come from many different viewpoints and are integral to achieving our customer's goals.

We believe change is a key dynamic to our success. Our employees have a responsibility to aggressively listen, learn, embrace, teach, collaborate and make improvements to insure success.


Our Apache Logistics management team has extensive experience transporting high value products, such as food and steel, as well as delivering time sensitive products such as just-in-time automotive parts or multi-stop route delivery systems. If you are looking for a dedicated contract carrier that can produce customized transportation answers specifically around your company's needs then Apache Logistics is for you.

As a customer of Apache Logistics you can expect:

Superior management execution

Equipment specifications custom designed for your needs

High quality, well trained employees

Cutting edge technology

Structured long-term improvement practices

Valuable information systems to assist strategic planning

Exceptional value

We can design a creative solution for you that will produce exceptional results and help you achieve your goals.